About Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems

The integration of smoke-control systems have the ability to improve the safety of buildings significantly. Smoke ventilation systems are available in various forms and vary widely when it comes to complexity. For example: there are mechanical smoke ventilation systems, pressurization systems as well as natural-smoke venting. Regardless of the type of system, it is recommended by fire risk assessment Kent company, the Fire Risk Assessment Network, the objective basics are all the same and will include the following:

  • To make sure that escape routes are kept free from any smoke
  • To remove or contain smoke form an area experiencing a fire in order to prevent the smoke from moving into other areas
  • To accelerate fire-fighting operations
  • To minimize property loss and protect lives


Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System


How An Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System Works

The MSVS (Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System) acts effectively as a type of depressurization system. The system extracts heat and smoke out of an area which results in depressurization of the space. Due to the fact that surrounding areas like staircases have higher pressures, the air will be forced out of these areas and directed towards the smoke shafts preventing smoke from migrating into the staircases and the neighboring areas.

However, it is essential to stipulate that there is an extra inlet of air to a space that is depressurized in order to stop the space from becoming over depressurized. When a room becomes too depressurized, the smoke-venting equipment can become damaged and the pressure differentials that occur across the doors can cause the door handles to become difficult to pull open between the fire area and depressurized room.

The make-up of inlet air for these systems can be achieved in various ways and will be dependent on the layout of a building. Below are the 4 common methods used to achieve an air inlet:

  • Natural inlet of air through an AOV positioned at the top of a staircase
  • Natural inlet of air through external air
  • Mechanical inlet of air through a shaft
  • Natural inlet of air through a shaft

MSVS In Residential Buildings

The foundation of smoke-control systems in residential buildings is to stop smoke from moving into the area of a staircase in order for the occupants to escape from fires unhindered. In addition, this can ensure that fire services can have a protected and clear access to the source of the fire.

As an MSVS pulls smoke and heat from a common lobby or corridor that is not dependent on the buoyancy of natural smoke, the “shaft” area is significantly minimized when compared to natural systems. The area of a smoke shaft on a MSVS will depend on a number of factors like the size of an AOV opening in the shaft, the extraction rates of a fan, fire loading in the next room as well as the size of the lobby or the corridor. Once all these factors are taken into consideration the shaft area on the MSVS will typically range between 0.25m2 and 0.6m2. Fire engineers are able to provide the correct guidance in this matter.

How Biomass Heating Could Work For Anyone With Access To Waste Fuel

Many homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly ways to heat their homes and save money at the same time. One interesting way, is to burn waste biomass in either a boiler or water furnace, then use the hot water to heat a home with a biomass boiler installation. There are some factors to consider, and not everyone will have access to enough biomass to take advantage of this method.

The Basic Premise Is Just Like A Boiler The Fuel Is Different

There are several different angles that people take with the biomass method, but the basic idea is to burn the biomass to heat water, then pump the water through insulated pipes into a heat exchanger in the home. While the heat exchanger is hot, you run a fan and circulate the hot air throughout the home.

People That Don’t Know The Science Will Worry About Carbon Dioxide Pollution

So here is the way the math works out when it comes to rotting wood, manure, corn husks, coconut shells, or recycled paper. When biomass rots, it releases the carbon dioxide into the air as a slow chemical reaction, the exact same amount as it does when it burns, which is a fast chemical reaction. The clincher is, when the tree, coconuts, corn husks, or whatever fuel you’re using regrows, it absorbs the exact same amount of carbon again. It’s a renewable fuel, that can be used over and over again.

The difference between biomass and oil pumped from the ground, is that the oil has been stored by nature for hundreds of millions of years, and to burn that, you’re releasing more carbon into the air than what the earth has had for many millions of years.

If You Have A Source Of Renewable Fuel Then Biomass Heating Can Work For You

There are thousands of tons of biomass fuel created daily all across the world, and if you have access to it, you could possibly heat your home, hot water, hot tub and greenhouse for free. You’ll have to haul it home and spend a few minutes stoking the fire several times per day.

There are complete furnaces you can buy that will automate much of the work for you, you’ll have to search online for one that is built for the kind of biomass you have. Many of them are built like a large boiler: a firebox in the center, surrounded by a large insulated water tank. The firebox can have a thermostatically controlled fan that blows fresh air on the fire when the temperature of the water drops below a certain point.

The heat exchanger is much like the radiator of a car, tubes and fins to dispose of the heat it contains, and it can be installed right in your regular home furnace plenum in order to use your already installed thermostat, air ducts and furnace fan. Plus, you can leave your regular furnace installed, just switch it off when you have biofuel, and back on when you don’t.

While not everyone will have cheap access to free fuel for biomass heating, if you do, you could save hundreds of dollars per year while keeping thousands of tons of waste from rotting in the landfill. There are plenty of different methods of make this work, you’ll have to search the internet using the type of fuel you have to find the right boiler or furnace that will work in your situation.

Getting a Good HVAC Electrician Service Is A Must!

If you have any kind of HVAC electrical problems, you have to get great electrician service. Hiring just anyone you find for cheap is a terrible idea because of the nature of electrical problems. By getting good service for a fair price, you can be sure the electrical system in your home or place of business is safe to use.

The service you get should be from someone that is well reviewed, or a company with a good history. If you’ll be hiring a contractor, chances are you can use a website to hire someone that allows for you to sort the results of who is in the area by their ratings. Just know that with great skills comes a higher price than usual. That’s because people who are going to do a good job use the best tools and are going to do the right work the first time.

Before you use your electricity while you know there is a problem, remember that it could be a fire hazard. Do not under any circumstances try to use any electrical equipment that is damaged in your home with exposed wires. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a house fire over a problem that could have been fixed for cheap. It’s not worth it to mess with something like this, and you can get help out there within a day in most cases.

Figure out if you can get emergency service if need be, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Look for companies that have electricians on call, and see if you can get one of the people that work there to give you their number just in case there’s a problem that can’t wait until morning or for the holidays to be over. Generally if you can’t get help it’s best to just live without electricity. Know where your breaker box is, and if you can’t get the electricity fixed for a few days you may want to arrange to stay at a motel.

You may need help from an electrician if you’re working on building a home or business. This can be a large project, and it has to be done within the city’s code so that you’re not at risk for getting the building shut down. You’ll probably have to get an inspection so that people can safely come into the home or place of business when it’s open, and if you are found to be in violation of any codes then you’ll have a few days to fix it or risk having the building condemned.

Learn how to take better care of the electrical appliances and systems in your home. Do not just try to fix things up if you’re not aware of how to, because if you do something wrong with the wiring or fixing a problem then it could cause a fire or electrocute you. By being cautious it’s going to benefit you because there are just so many issues that happen when people try to act like they know what they’re doing. At least find some tutorials and do the proper amount of research so you can have the best kinds of results.

Now that you know how to find a good electrician service, you can get started. Don’t be afraid to take your time on this, but until you get help you may want to avoid using your electricity if the problem is bad enough. It’s good to have someone to call even if you don’t have a problem now just in case.

Why You Should Choose Solar Panel Installers to Power Your Air Conditioning

Saving money on energy can be difficult when you choose to go with one of the traditional installers. Usually, one energy provider has a monopoly in your town. Sure, they’re two companies, but they work closely with each other. Maybe it’s time for you to switch to one of the little guys? A provider that can give you the energy you need. While, giving you the price that you want.

Ethical Energy

We all know that using up natural gas is bad for the environment. It creates methane gas that can contribute to global warming. Not only that, it’s also not renewable energy. It takes millions of years to create natural gas. Sadly, it does not take millions of years to use up. If we are going to power our homes and cities throughout our existence, we need to look for a new solution.

Could Solar Panel Installers Be The Solution?

Clean energy is something that’s better said than done. At least, that’s the way it used to be. Thanks to advances in technology, clean energy has become more widely available. It is also easier to make sure your home is constantly supplied with it. They’re many types of clean energy now available. None are cheaper then getting solar panels installed.

Yes, There Is An Initial Fee

Some may worry about the cost of getting these panels installed. They know they’ll not only have to pay for the panels, they’ll also have to pay for the labor included in getting them installed. This is a small price to pay when you consider how much money you’ll be saving on your electricity bill. Many households save %30 on their electricity costs by the end of the year. It’s time to get rid of your highest bill!

You Will Be A Role Model

Neighbors can get pretty competitive with each other. If one gets a pool, the others on the block want it. Leading by example is all too true in residential settings. Make sure you’re inspiring your neighbors to do great things for the environment. They’ll be able to see that you just got solar energy installed when they look at the panels. Trust me, you’ll be greatly admired.

How Long Will It Take?

No one likes it when their home is under construction for long periods of time. This can create an unwelcoming environment. Not only for the people residing in the home, but for guests who might enter as well. Luckily, solar panel installation is an easy process. If you hire the right professional, you should be able to get them out of your hair by the end of the afternoon.

Finding The Right Team

A solar panel installation company is easy to find with a simple Google search. This may not be the best method of looking them up when you want an honest and objective review of their service. Angie’s list is excellent for looking up reviews on any local service provider that’s in your town. The reviews are written by actual, verified customers, so you know they’re comments you can trust. You can now use Angie’s list without being a member. Of course, to use every service they provide, you will need to sign up.

Do The Right Thing For The Environment

It’s time to do the right thing for your town. You know natural gas isn’t going to stay in the ground forever. Future generations need to learn that it’s not okay to depend on it. This all starts with you. When you get solar energy installed, you’re doing the right thing.

How To Control COSHH and airborne contaminants

Controlling any sort of airborne contaminants is very important as it can have a deathly effect on one’s health. Often times we overlook such issues and do not spend as much effort trying to prevent them or minimize the chances. However, it is very important that we do as they can have severe negative effects on our health. These issues are a lot more common than we actually think they are. This is why it is important we take the steps to be safe and educate ourselves on the matter itself. Today, I will be talking about how one can control COSHH and other airborne contaminants.

First of all one should invest in purchasing a airborne contaminants handbook. This book is handy and one should read through as it will provide you with great tips. You can pick these books up at at a local book store or even get government issued PDF’s online to help educate yourself on the matter. The more you know, the less likely you are to have to deal with these kind of issues as you will naturally be prepared to deal with them and prevent them, so that they are not as likely to occur.

We highly recommend hiring health and safety consultants who can carry out a full audit of your COSHH requirements.

If going alone, first of all it is very important to get your air duct clean. If, it is dusty in there it is very likely that the air and the heat that is coming through from there will serve as airborne contaminants. This is something that one needs to deal with. You should have your ducts cleaned our every single year, so that you do not have to be fearful of any sort of airborne contaminants. This is one of the biggest reasons on how they occur without one even really noticing that it is happening.

COSHH on the other hand is part of a law that ensures that employers are making sure their workers are not exposed to any sort of unsafe environment. This ensures that the employers are taking care of their workers and providing a very safe environment for them, which will not risk their healthy in any sort of way that is not preventable. This is to make sure everyone is treated equally and no one;s life is put at risk and is able to work in a safe working environment. The law is very strict on these matters, which is why employers need to be forsure that they are not going to be playing with the lives of their workers.

There are so many industries that need to take a closer look at the COSHH law. Some industries are more prone to making mistakes or having their employers exposed to harmful environments, which is why the law is a lot stricter, so that regardless of what industry you are in there should be no mistakes. These helps keep the workspace safe and also ends up creating a very positive work environment for everyone to come and work and complete their tasks.

Overall, the issue of airborne contaminants is very important. One should really purchase a handbook of some sort or even look up facts about it online, so that they can prevent it. It is important to prevent it as it can be harmful to one’s health, which is never a good thing. Next, one also needs to educate on COSHH. This is a law that is placed by the government to make sure all workers are working in an environment that will not harm their health and this puts responsibility on the employers to ensure that nothing like it will happen.